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If you seek a thrill ride, head to Australia 's Gold Coast. Located in Brisbane, on the east side of Australia, you can find adventure in the form of many theme parks located within close proximity to one another making it a fun area for adults and children alike. Simplest is purchasing a pass for entrance into three parks, Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World, and Wet n' Wild, admitting you for up to 14 days. Australia 's Warner Brothers Movie World is located on the Gold Coast, and is packed with rides like the Batwing Spaceshot, Superman Escape, and the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride.

Shopping is an entertaining assortment of stores like the Warner Brothers Department Store, Batman Adventure Store, and the Scooby-Doo Photo Store. Sea world is located a short distance southeast of Warner Brothers Movie World, on the ocean. Shark Bay is the most impressive section of the theme park and is the largest man made lagoon in the world.

The park caters to all age groups with a Sesame Street themed area with rides. Several other attractions offer you the opportunity to witness marine life, including a dolphin nursery area where mother and baby dolphins live and are bred. Northwest of Sea World is Wet n' Wild, a water park, has a variety of water themed rides and attractions. Whitewater World is the Gold Coast's other popular water park and is located next to Dreamworld with water rides like the Super Tubes Hydrocoaster and Pipeline Plunge, or more subdued areas like Wiggle Bay for small children. Dreamworld has an IMAX theater or several other themed attractions like Nickelodeon Central, as well as rides like the Tower of Terror , Cyclone Rollercoaster, and the Claw. Whatever your choice of theme parks in Australia 's Gold Coast, adventure and fun is to be had.

Sea world

Whether you're young or simply young at heart, theme parks have the same appeal - and there's no shortage of them in Australia. The theme park "capital" is without a doubt Queensland's Gold Coast, which is home to four of Australia's largest and most popular theme parks. Definitely the place to go if you're an adrenalin junkie! The area's oldest theme park is Sea World, with its famous acrobatic water ski show, charming dolphin show, and more recently "Shark Bay" - where you can, if you want to for whatever reason, swim with the sharks. Yes, really. Dolphins are clearly too tame to present a challenge, these days.

There's also Movie World, where you'll learn all about the exciting world of Hollywood. It's a great educational experience for anyone with an interest in movies, their history, and film production etc. Plus you should keep an eye out as you're walking through the streets - you're as likely to bump into Batman here as you are to meet Mickey Mouse at Disney World! There are plenty of movie shows and themed rides to keep you enthralled and entertained, too.

The Gold Coast is also home to Wet 'n' Wild Water World (in fact, it's right next to Movie World), which involves lots of action and a very slim chance of staying dry. This is probably the biggest water theme park in Australia, so if you or the kids are into slides and pools and plenty of splashing around, this is the place for you!

The other major Australian theme park - also on the Gold Coast - is Dreamworld. This is a simply enormous venue: in fact, it basically has theme parks within theme parks. There's every sort of attraction you could possibly imagine (or dream of!), like water based rides, a tiger island, and some incredibly scary rides. Consider the Giant Drop - a freefall of 38 storeys! - or the sinister-sounding The Claw. The Claw will swing you at an alarming speed, all the while spinning you around and shooting you up to quite a height. Probably best not to have lunch first.

Dreamworld also contains Wiggles World, where fans of the popular Australian children's show can enjoy an interactive, musical Wiggles experience. There's also White Water World, right beside Dreamworld itself, and a special two-day pass will allow you to go freely between the two theme parks as often as you please. Great for getting the best of both Worlds, so to speak.

While Queensland's Gold Coast is definitely the best place for a holiday involving lots of theme parks, you'll probably be able to find one if you're visiting a different area, too. All the way over on the other side of Australia, for example, you'll find the likes of Adventure World at Bibra Lake (Western Australia), where there's a great variety of entertainment, from rollercoasters to water rides - even race tracks. That's probably the best one to try out if you're on the western side of the continent and unable to check out the Gold Cast parks.


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