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Australia visas are needed by most visitors to Australia. The Australia tourist visa is available from Australia Embassies, travel agents and airlines flying to Australia. The Australia tourist visa is in the form of an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), of which there is no evidence in the passport.

When your Australia visa is granted, you may not be given a visa label in your passport. This is nothing to worry about, as immigration and customs officers can check your visa details electronically against your passport number. Just in case anything should go wrong with the system, be sure to take along the number with which you will be issued at the time of application for the ETA.

All airlines to Australia will do an electronic check on your visa as you check in. They use your passport number for that. In the event that you find you need a visa very quickly out of office hours some airlines are able to organise immediately for you at the airport. Do check first!

An Australia tourist visa can be applied for from outside Australia (offshore) or in Australia. Generally a tourist visa Australia will be granted for a stay of 3 months or 6 months, but in certain circumstances a stay of 12 months may be granted.

The most important thing you must remember about not having an Australian visa label in your passport is that you should use the same passport for travel to Australia that you used for your visa application. Be careful if you carry two passports. If you obtain a new passport after you have been granted your visa, you must advise the Department of Immigration of your new passport details. It is especially important that this information is provided before you board your plane for travel to Australia. If you have not given this information to the Department of Immigration you may experience significant delays at the airport and may not be allowed onto your plane.

If you wish to extend your stay in Australia for a holiday or to visit relatives or friends you will need to apply for a further stay as a visitor in Australia. You must apply for this visa before your current visa expires. The best time to apply is about two weeks before your current visa expires. You should note that the grant of a further stay Tourist visa will cease any visa/ETA currently held and the entitlements attached to that visa/ETA.

ETA (Visitor) Visa
The ETA visa ( subclass 976) is for visitors who are coming for tourism, holidays and informal training or study, The ETA allows you to stay in Australia for up to three months within a 12 month period if the passport remains valid. The ETA is an electronic visa and will be seen by airlines before you enter Australia. You will not receive a stamp in your passport but there is a confirmation number you shroud record in case of any problems. A separate ETA is needed for each family member including those under 18 and also those on your passport. The ETA is valid for many countries including the USA, Canada, most of Europe and some Asian countries. The ETA is easy to obtain and can be done by your travel agent, airline or direct online with the Dept of Immigration in Australian or an Australian visa office. Do allow two weeks for safety in case of any problems.

It is important to check the latest information direct from the Australia Department of Immigration and to do that click below.

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