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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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Walhalla lies to the north of Taralgon about 2.5 hours from Melbourne. Walhalla was a rich producer of gold for 50 years and the town is nestled in very difficult terrain with Stringers Creek winding its way down through the town.

Walhalla had a Long Tunnel Mine that operated between 1865 and 1914 and was Victoria's richest mine.

There are only 20 permanent residents in this remote place and electricity was only connected in 1998. The historic buildings of Walhalla have been restored to give the town its mining heyday feel again.

There are tours to discover the history of the town as well as shops and accommodation. There are also restaurants and the area has become quite popular with people searching for the old lifestyle that the miners had to endure.

The nearest towns to Walhalla are Erica and Rawson and they offer accommodation and restaurants as well.

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