Australia tours and acitivities on sale
Australia tours and acitivities on sale


Experiences in Australia

Whitemark, Tasmania, is a tiny town of 150 people, located on Flinders Island.  This small island, located just north of the northeastern corner of Tasmania, has a rugged climate with high winds common. 

Strzelecki National Park
Strzelecki National Park is a good place for a bushwalk, as visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of towering granite mountain peaks.  Other activities at the park are snorkeling, sea kayaking and rock climbing.  Some visitors enjoy prospecting for a gemstone called a "Killiecrankie diamond," which is actually a colorless topaz.

Flinders Island Golf Course
The 9-hole golf course at Flinders Island Sports Club, Whitemark, is a challenging course because of the rugged terrain and the high winds.  The golf course is located on the south side of the town of Whitemark.

Wybalena Historic Site and Emita Museum
A historic chapel with a sobering past is Wybalena Chapel.  At this spot, a group Aboriginal people were resettled by the government in 1834.  Many of these people died while living there.  The nearby museum houses memorabilia of those days, as well as shipwreck relics.  Emita is north of Whitemark on the north side of Flinders Island.

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