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Wollongong is 70km south of Sydney and the third largest city in New South Wales and the seventh largest in Australia. It is the gateway to the Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions. The Grand Pacific Drive is a scenic drive from the Royal National Park to Wollongong and crosses the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge. Wollongong is a relaxed multi cultural cosmopolitan city with restaurants, hotels, clubs, art galleries and museums. The name Wollongong means crashing waves and surf in the Aboriginal language.

Wollongong tour

Bald Hill
Bald Hill is a good lookout and very well used by hang gliders. There is a memorial to Lawrence Hargrave an Australian pioneer of flight.

There are seventeen all of them popular for surfing and most known is Bulli, ten kilometres to the north of Wollongong. In town there is City Beach and North Beach is renowned for the best surfing breaks.

Cockatoo Run
This scenic mountain railway is well worth a ride on. It takes you through the Illawarra ranges to the Southern Highlands (02 4227 5545).

Kelly's Falls
A pleasant short drive from Wollongong will take you to these pretty falls, there are also walking tracks and picnic areas here.

Illawarra Sea Cliff Bridge
This 665 metre road located 20 kilometres north of Wollongong, spans one of NSW most spectacular coastlines. This is a great bridge to walk, cycle or drive and also a good spot to glimpse the seasonal migrating whales.

Lake Illawarra
A very popular fishing hole located 5km south of Wollongong is home to many popular water birds. It is also good for sailing and sail boarding, with it often being quite crowded on weekends.

Mount Kembla Historic Village
Known as the site of the 1902 mining disaster, Mount Kembla is located 7km from Wollongong. There are old world art and craft shops and cafes to explore here.

Nan Tien Buddhist Temple
The Southern Hemisphere's largest Buddhist Temple. Visitors can roam the Shrines and the gardens. There are many workshops offered here and it is open to visitors. Located in the suburb of Berkeley (02 4272 0500).

Port Kembla Harbour
Home to Australia's largest steel mill, where it is exported from the harbour. There are also coal mines in this area with tons of coal exported as well.

Royal National Park
The second oldest park in the world, the oldest being Yellowstone.

Sublime Point Lookout
A lookout above Wollongong with views to Kiama in the south and east to Coaldale.

Symbio Wildlife Gardens
A great day out can be had here for all the family. There are swimming facilities, native animals and wildlife, gardens and picnic areas. Animal handling and feeding demonstrations are a feature throughout the day. Lawrence Hargrave Drive (02 4294 1088).

Wollongong Botanic Gardens
Gardens with a sunken rose garden, forest and floral areas. Northfield Avenue, Keiravale.

Wollongong City Art Gallery
This gallery has displays of traveling exhibitions as well as permanent displays of modern and traditional art. Aboriginal works are also featured here. Burelli Street (02 4228 7500).

Wollongong Harbour
This area is a very scenic part of the city. A historic lighthouse overlooks some of the 17 beaches here. Flagstaff Point marks Wollongong's headland and the Foreshore Park provides a great surf culture and swimming feel in the city.
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