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Yorke Peninsula

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The Yorke Peninsula is North West of Adelaide. A boot shaped peninsula which is very fertile and produces significant amounts of grain. The main towns are Wallaroo, Moonta and Kadina, and the Innes National Park. Other towns are Ardrossan; Port Victoria is on the western side of the peninsula known for being the home of the windjammers. Minlaton, in the middle of the peninsula and is a centre for the barley, wheat and grazing industries. Edithburgh has a beach and a Flora Park. Yorketown in the centre of the peninsula and was an area for salt production.

Yorke Peninsula

Banking and Currency Museum
If you are interested in viewing every Australian currency ever minted, this is the place to visit. Graves Street (08 8821 2906).

Innes National Park
Innes National Park covers 9,141 hectares and offers coastal scenery, named after William Innes, who discovered gypsum in this area in the 1890s. There are many shipwrecks popular with divers. Innes National Park is situated at the southernmost tip of the Yorke Peninsula. it has stunning coastlines, popular bush walks and shipwrecks to explore. Inanes National Park is perfect for water activities due to it's crystal clear water, colourful marine life and good fishing holes.

Innes National Park

Kadina is the largest town on the Yorke Peninsula.

Matta House Museum
Located 1.5km south of Kadina contains historical exhibits of the mining days of the district. Moonta Road.

Moonta was once the richest of the three mining towns in the area and therefore the most popular. There are plenty of old buildings to explore here.

Moonta Mines Museum
Located in the former school house this museum has displays of mining life. Next door is is a restored minor's cottage.

One Steel Lookout
An artifical hill 2 km south of Ardossan where on oen side view the Dolomite mine and the other the Gulf St Vincent.

Wallaroo Mines
Located one kilometre west of Kadina you can go on a walking tour of an old mining site. Wallaroo Road.

Once the main port for exporting millions of tons of copper ore to overseas destinations, Wallaroo now ships wheat and barley from it's port. Wallaroo has good swimming, boating and fishing facilities.

The Welsh Chimney Stack
This unusual landmark in the town is made up of 300,000 bricks.

Wallaroo Nautical Museum
Located in the former post office, this museum displays of maritime history as well as local history displays.

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