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Australia tours and acitivities on sale


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The town of Zeehan lies in the western mining region of Tasmania and has a rich history.  It was at one time a thriving town which had the third largest population in Tasmania in 1882. 

It now has less than 1000 people in it.  Zeehan has been named a National Trust historic town, so there are many restored buildings and businesses located there.

West Coast Pioneers' Memorial Museum
At the corner of Wilson and Main Streets in Zeehan is the West Coast Pioneers' Memorial Museum.  In addition to displays showing the historical mining techniques and equipment, there is also an outstanding collection of mineral samples.   The museum is located in a historic building that was the School of Mines in the late 1800s. Outdoors, beside the museum, there is a display of steam locomotives and more.

Gaiety Theatre
During Zeehan's boom days, the Gaiety Theatre brought in stars like Enrico Caruso to entertain.  It has been restored to its former luster and can be visited by tourists.

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