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Australia tours and acitivities on sale

Australia zorbing

Experiences in Australia

For the more adventurous visitor to Australia comes the fast packed, adrenaline filled activity of zorbing. Zorbing, or sphering as it is also known, dates back to 1973 when the idea was first put into practice, rising from the inspiration of a hamster ball. New Zealand laid claim to the first official zorbing site but it quickly spread to Australia. Participants are put into a large spherical object, which is then placed upon a hill, flat surface or even water, allowing the zorber to watch the world roll past in an exciting blur as they quickly race around the landscape.

To enjoy zorbing, your best bet is to head to the Gold Coast where there are a multitude of opportunities to try your hand at this fantastic sport. Pimpama offers the thrilling variation of the ‘Hydro Wet Zorb’ where 40 litres of water are also placed into the Zorb, giving you the effect of a private water park for your personal enjoyment. If you are travelling with friends and family, why not try a group Zorb offered in Coomera where you can ride with two other people?

Wherever you try zorbing, expect action, fun and frolics as you battle to find your feet in a rollercoaster adventure

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